Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lillian and Melita

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This Tutorial was written by me, Angel Flower, from my own ideas. Any similarities to others is coincedence. All my tutorialsare registered with TWI.

For this tutorial you will need

Two tubes of choice. I am using the work of Myka Jelina. In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from CILM.

Filters- Kang 4 bubblecross waves and bat wave
Eye candy 3.1-HSB noise
Dsb flux-linear transmission

New image-600x600 transparent.

Paste your main tube as a new layer and position in the center of your canvas. If it needs to be resized you can resize one of two ways. The first is to go to image-resize-make sure the first drop box says percent and not pixels, start with 85, all layers unchecked, lock aspect ratio checked, and for the resample box choose smart size.If it is still too big, repeat those steps. If it is too small then go to edit, undo, and repeat the resize using a larger percent. The other way to resize is to click the little arrow tool, also known as the pick tool, and you will see a box around your tube. Grab the box by a corner, this will keep it proportionate, and carefully drag it to the size you want. You will need to repostion your tube if you use this method. Any time I say to resize and i do not specify, you may choose to use either of these methods.

Click your preset shape tool and set it to ellipse with a width of 7. Make your foreground color black or a dark color from your tube, and your background color a lighter color from your tube.

Draw out a shape about the size of mine. Position it so that it looks as though your tube is sitting in the cirle or standing in front of it if you chose a standing tube.

Grab your magic wand tool-mode is add, match mode is rgb value, tolerance 20, feather 0, anti alias checked, and choose outside in the last drop box. Click in the center of your circle.Keep selected. Right click on the circle layer and choose convert to raster. Now go to effects, plugin-Kang 4-batwave - x frequency 180- y frequency 124- this works with that 46- this works with this-98- orientation mode 19- carving light 35- style light 27- color cycle 233. KEEP SELECTED.

We need to colorize this to match our tube. Go to adjust-Hue and saturation-you can either choose colorize or hue/saturation/lightness-if you choose colorize, simply move the first bar to the color you want, and the second one to make it more or less colorful. If you choose hue/saturation/lightness, check the colorize box, move the top slider bar that goes across(this is the hue)to about the color you want, then move the saturation and lightness bars till you get just the right shade. Keep selected.

Again go to your kang 4 filter, this time choose bubble crosswaves-x freq. 224- y freq. 206- x ampl. 154- y ampl. 154= bubble cross 129. Now go to selections-select none.

Give your tube a drop shadow by going to effects-3d effects- drop shadow, i used vertical -2, horizontal 0, opacity 75, blur 10, color black.

Click on your blank background layer. Grab your preset shape tool again but this time choose rectangle. Make your foreground color the same that you used for your circle but change the background color to a medium color to match your tube. Draw out a rectangle almost the width of the canvas and slightly shorter than your circle. See my tag for the size and placement. It should be almost centered under the circle.Convert to raster.

Now click on your circle layer. Paste your other tube as a new layer and resize it. Position on one side of the circle about how i have mine. Dont worry about any excess that hangs over the rectangle. We will fix that. Once happy with the position, go to image-duplicate, and then image mirror. You should now have one on each side. Double click on one of them and change the blend mode to hard light. Do the same for the other one.

Now grab your magic wand tool with the same settings as before. Click on the rectangle layer to make it active. Now click inside the rectangle with the wand. Go to selections invert. Click on one of the tube layers we are using and hit delete on your keyboard. Click on the other one and do the same thing. Now all the excess tube is gone. Go to selections invert. Keep selected.

Make your rectangle layer active by clicking it. Go to effects-plugins-eye candy 3.1-HSB noise- hue 0, saturation 18, brightness 36, opacity 0, lump width and lump height 12, random seed 1. Keep selected. Go back to plugins-kang 4-bubble cross waves with same settings as before. Selections-select none.

Give your circle layer a drop shadow of 0,0,100,10,black. You may give your rectangle layer the same drop shadow if you wish.

Hide your top tube layer, this should be your main tube, by clicking the eye next to it. Now right click on any other layer and go merge visible. Now you should have two layers. Unhide the tube layer now. Click on the merged layer we made. Duplicate this layer. On the bottom copy go effects-plugins-dsb flux linear transmission-size 5, offset 5, blend 0, vertical clicked. Go effects, edge effects, enhance.

Almost done. Before we add anything else, this is the time if you wish to resize your tag to do so. To do this you must use the image resize method. This time make sure the box says pixels instead of percent, make sure all layers is checked and change the pixel size to the size you want, when change one the other will change too so the tag stays proportionate.

Now we can add our copyright. Click on your top layer and add a new raster layer. To do this just go to layers, add new raster layer. Add your copyright. Make sure it is clearly visible. I usually add a gradient glow either white or a color to match but that makes it more visible with a size of 3, or a white drop shadow.

Now we will add our name. Click on your text tool which is the A. Choose your font. Choose the colors for the foreground and background that match your tube. You may use whatever font and size you like. To do it like mine i used a font called neuropol at a size of 72. Place how you like or how i have mine. Convert to raster. Go effects-edge effects-enhance. Now grab your magic wand, same settings, and click inside each letter. Go to effects-eye candy 3.1- and use the hsb noise with the same settingswe used earlier. Keep selected. Go to plugins-kang 4-bubble cross waves with these settings x and y freq 255, x and y amplitude 120, bubble cross 0. Selections- select none.

You can give your name a drop shadow if you wish.

Thats it, save and you are done.
©angel flower January 2010