Friday, February 27, 2015


Stairway to the Moon

For this tutorial you will need
Scrapkit called Clara by Foxys Designz which you can purchase here
A tube of choice, I used Clara by Spazz Art which is PTU and can be bought here
Filters eye candy 4000 gradient glow
A mask of choice I used one by Trese tags number 0296
which can be found here

A working basic knowledge of psp

Open a new image 600x600 transparent.
Open frame5, copy and paste a as a new layer onto your tag.
Resize it by going to image, resize. Under pixel dimensions
click the drop box and choose pixels then change the percent to
70.  Make sure below that all layers is unchecked and lock aspect
ratio is checked.
Get element2 and copy and paste as a new layer on your tag. Right
click in your layer palette and drag this layer below your frame layer.
Resize by 70 percent or smaller if you wish. Drag with your mouse to the
top left corner as I have mine.
Grab your tube and copy and paste onto your tag.I had to resize mine
by 25 percent. Then I used the arrow tool to make it a little smaller.
Yours may be different depending on size of your tube. Drag this layer above
your frame layer and place to the right bottom of your tag. See my tag
for reference.
Open element 8 and paste as a new layer on your tag. Drag this layer below your
moon layer. Resize it using the arrow tool by dragging the box by a coner to the
size you want. Place as I have mine so it looks as if it goes up to the moon.
Open paper 9 or a paper of choice. Click on your bottom tag layer.  Copy the paper
and paste as a new layer on to your tag. I resize by 50 percent then used the arrow
to resize the rest of the way to my liking.
Click on your tube layer. Effects 3d effects drop shadow 0,2,100,15 white.
click your bottom layer again. Paste a paper of choice as a new layer. Now go to layers
load/save mask, load from disk.  Choose a mask of your choice. I used a mask called
Trese Mask 0296.
Right click on the mask layer and choose merge , merge group.
Click your frame layer and give a drop shadow same settings as before changing the color
to black instead of white.
Now add your copyright to your tag so it is clearly visible. I gave mine a gradient glow by
using effects, plugins, eye candy 4000 with glow width of 3.
Add the name in a font of choice and color of choice. Convert to raster. Now
give it a gradient glow of 3 and a light color to match your tag.
Now go to effects, edge effects, enhance. Then give a drop shadow of 2,-2,100,3 and black.
Save your tag and thats it you are done!

Friday, January 16, 2015


For this tutorial you need a basic knowledge of psp.
Scrapkit I used is called Christmas Story by Foxys Designz
which can be purchased here

Close up tube of choice. I used the artwork of Keith Garvey which you need a license in order to use. You can find it in his store here

Open a new image 600x600 pixels, transparent checked.

Open frame3. Copy and paste as a new layer.
Go to image-resize.  Under pixel dimensions change the drop box to percent and put 75. Make sure lock aspect ratio is checked below. click ok.

Now open frame1. Copy and paste as a new layer on your tag and resize using same settings as before.

Open paper5. Copy and paste on to your tag as a new layer. Image resize by 50 percent. Drag this layer below your frame layer by clicking and holding down the left mouse button in the layer pallete and dragging it down.
Grab your magic wand tool. Mode-add, Match mode-rgb value, tolerance 10, contiguous checked, feather 1, anti alias checked
and the lil drop box on end outside. Click on your frame layer to make it active. Then with the magic wand click in the center of frame. Selections-modify-expand by 10. Go to selections invert.  Now click on your paper layer and hit the delete button. This should delete any paper that was outside of your frame.
Selections select none.

Open your tube and paste as a new layer. Your tube should be in between your frame layer and paper layer.
Place your tube similar to mine, resizing a lil if needed but dont worry bout the extra outside the frame. We will fix that.
Get your magic wand again, same settings.  Click on frame layer and click the magic wand in center as before. Repeat the modifying and expanding steps.
Now selections invert. Make your tube layer active and hit delete.
Select none. Your tube should now be neatly inside the frame.

Open element 30. Resize as needed and place on the left top corner of frame. Make sure this layer is above the frame layer. Give the bow a drop shadow. Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow. Vertical
and horizontal 0, Opacity 100, blur 10, color black.

Open element 37. Click on your paper layer. Paste Element 37 as new layer. Resize as needed to fit in the frame. Then using the arrow tool, Move this layer to the right of the tag.
We will delete the extra outside the frame if you left yours a lil bigger as i did mine.  Now duplicate this layer by going image, duplicate. Then image mirror. Move this layer how you
like on the left side of the tag.  Merge the two star layers together by clicking the top star layer. Then right click it, merge-down.

Now delete the extra the same as we did the tube and paper.

Activate the frame layer and grab the wand tool. Same settings. Click in center of frame. Modify expand by 10. Selections invert.
Make the star layer active and hit delete. Select none.

Give the stars a drop shadow. Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow. Vertical and horizontal 0. Opacity 100, blur 3, color black. ok.

Now add your copyright info in a legible form.  If needed give it a gradient glow using eye candy 4000-gradient glow. Glow width 3 soft corners 25 overall opacity 100. Draw only outside checked.
Then click the tab says color. Choose either white or a color to match the background of the tag but that will also make your copyright more noticeable. ok.

Click the text tool. Choose a font and add your name. I used a font called vijaya with a size of 22. I used red for the foreground and green for the background colors. Place how you like on your tag.
Now right click this layer and convert to raster. Effects, edge effects, enhance. Add a gradient glow with colors of choice and a size of 3-5. Now add a drop shadow of choice. Save your tag and that's it you are done!