Friday, January 30, 2009

Do You Believe

here is another tutorial with no scraps used

This Tutorial was written by me, Angel Flower, from my own ideas. Any similarities to others is coincedence. All my tutorialsare registered with TWI.

For this tutorial you will need
Tube of choice. I am using the work of Sue Dawe, you must purchase a license from CILM,, to use her work.

Mask of choice, i used sg_fairyland-frame by Essex Girl. You can find her masks here

Filters: DSB flux- bubbles, Eye Candy 3.1- glass, Fantastic Machines -paint engine

Lets Begin.

New Image-600x600-tranparent.

New raster layer. Flood fill with white.

Get your preset shape tool and find a heart shape. Width is 10, create as vector and anti alias checked. Draw out a decent size heart. See my tag for reference.

Paste your tube as a new layer. Position the part you want to show through the heart. Resize if needed by using the little pick tool, which is the arrow tool, and drag the box by one of the corners to the size you want.

Make your heart layer active. Grab your magic wand, mode is add, match mode is rgb, tolerance 20, feather 0, anti-alias and contiguous checked. Click in the center of you heart shape. Selections-modify-expand by about 3.Selections-invert. Now if you are using a unicorn tube or something similar, do not hit delete. Grab your eraser tool, size about 32, and Make your tube layer active. Do not erase the front hooves or paws or whatever, only erase the other parts that stick out. See on my tag i erased the back hooves and tail parts but left the front so it looks like it is coming out of the heart. If you are using a different tube, then just simply hit delete, and Select none. Move the tube layer below the heart layer.

Right click on your heart layer and convert to raster.

Grab your magic wand again, same settings. Click inside the border of the heart, the colored part. Go to effects, plugins, eye candy 3.1-glass. Width 9, spacing 30, thickness 30, opacity 50, refraction 30, glass colormid to dark grey, i used #808080, brightness 100, size 40, direction 127, inclination 76.

Select none. Now click again inside the center of the heart. Selections-modify-expand by 3.
Make your white background active and add a new layer. Flood fill the inside of the heart with a color or gradient of choice.

Keep selected and use the same glass effect we used above. It will look different. Select none.

Make your tube layer active. Give it a drop shadow. I used -3,0.100,8,black.

Hide your background layer, the white layer, by clicking the little eye next to it. Now make one of the visible layers active and right click on it and choose merge visible. Now unhide your white background.

Add a new layer. Flood fill with a color or gradient of choice. Go to effects, plugins, fantastic machines paint engine. Just click random until you find one you like.

Now go to layers, load/save mask, load from disk, in the drop down box, find your mask, source luminance, hide all, and fit to canvas all checked. apply.

Right click on the mask layer and choose merge group.

Now duplicate your merged heart layer. On the original, go to effects, plugins, dsb flux bubbles. Settings are 21,50,50,51. Resize this layer by going to image, resize, choose 95%, and make sure all layers is unchecked.If there are any bits you dont like the looks of, use the eraser brush to erase them.

Duplicate the heart layer with the tube in it. Using your pick tool, the little arrow tool, drag by one of the corners till it is a small size. Place this in the lower right corner. See my tag for size and placement. Duplicate this smaller one and go image mirror.Now you should have one in each corner.

Grab your text tool, choose a scripty font, and type out the words Do You Believe..., or a saying of choice.Give this layer the same glass effect we used above. Give a drop shadow of choice. I used -2,-2,100,5, and black.

Now is the time to resize your entire tag if you think it is too big. Go to image, resize, in the first drop down box choose pixels instead of percent. Make sure lock aspect ratio is checked. Now change the height and width to the size you want. When you change one,the other will automaticly adjust.

Now add your copyright so it is clearly visible.

Add your name. Convert to raster. I used eye candy 3.1 inner bevel on mine. I just played with the settings till i found one i liked. Then give it a drop shadow of choice.

Thats it, you are done.

©Angel Flower January 2009

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