Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eternal Passion

This Tutorial was written by me, Angel Flower, from my own ideas. Any similarities to others is coincedence. All my tutorialsare registered with TWI.

For this tutorial you will need
A tube of choice.I am using the work of Irene Shpak. In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from MPT.

Filters: Eyecandy 4000 gradient glow(optional)

Scrap kit- I am using an awesome kit called Edwards Passion, by EAL Designz. you must purchase thiskit from The Creativity Box. You can visit her site here
A Note: Anytime you need to resize something,such as an element or paper, you may do it one of two ways. The first method is by going to image-resize. Under pixel dimensions, make sure the drop box says percent,Lock aspect ratio should be checked and all layers unchecked, then change the width and height under the pixel dimensionsthe percent you think will work. I usually start with about 80 percent. If it is still too big, you can repeat the steps, adjusting the percent if needed. If it is too small you can undo by going to edit undo, and adjust the percent as needed.
The second way to resize something is to grab your pick tool, the little arrow, click on the layer you wish to resize and as long as you have clicked the pick tool, you should see a type of box around the layer or element or whatever you are resizing.Grab the box by a corning and drag it to the size you want. Keep in mind that most artisits do not allow you to make the tubes bigger, andbe sure to check the tou for scraps as well.

New image-600x600 transparent

Copy and paste paperfold1 as a new layer. You will not be able to see it at first, we will fix that. Go to image resize, choose percent and make it about 35, all layers unchecked. Repeat this resize with the same settings. Now you should be able to see the paperfold.

Duplicate this layer and go image mirror, then image flip. Right click on the top layer and go layers merge down. Thiswill be our frame.

Open paper 59 and paste as a new layer. Resize twice in the same way we did before with the same settings. Drag this layer below the frame layer.Use the pick tool, the little arrow, and grab one corner of the box around the paper and slightly drag it to make it fit just inside the frame. Do the same with the opposite diagonal corner of the one you just did. So if youused the right top corner first, then use the bottom left corner for the second time. Now none of your paper should be stickingout of the frame.

Open flower1 and paste as a new layer. Again resize by 35 percent twice. Then use the pick tool to adjust the size by dragging only one corner till its the size you want. You can use my tag as a guide for the size. Move the flower toward the bottom right side of the frameand position so its half on and half off the frame. Now drag this layer below the frame and paper layers.

Duplicate this layer four times so you end up with a total of five. arrange them in a line going up the side of the frame. Hide your paper layer and frame layer by clicking the eye next to each layer. Now right click on the top flower layer and go layers merge visible. All your flowers should now be on one layer.Unhide your paper and frame layer now.

Duplicate your merged flowers layer and go image mirror. Duplicate this layer and go image-free rotate-90 degrees left-rotate single layer around canvas center checked,all layers unchecked. One more time, Duplicate this layer and go image flip. Now you should have flowers all around your whole frame.

This part is up to you, I added a gradient glow to my frame layer using eye candy 4000. The settings are under basic width 3,soft corners 25,overall opacity 100, draw onlyoutside checked. Under the color tab choose the color you want,I used a brighter red, then i clicked just just under the long rectangular color bar so it added a second color tab.

Add a drop shadow to your frame by going effects, 3d effects, drop shadow, 0,0,100,10black.

Paste your tube as a new layer. If needed resize your tube just a little using the pick tool, so if fits nicely in between the folded paper pieces inside of the frame, dont worry if any bits will stick out of the frame, we will fix that. See my tag if needed for how the tube inside the frame should look.Drag this layer below the frame layer but above the paper layer. Grab your magic wand tool, mode is add, match mode rgb, tolerance 20. Make your frame layer active and click in the center of your frame with the wand. Go to selections, modify expand by about 20. Keep selected and make your tube layer active,selections invert, DO NOT HIT DELETE, grab your eraser tool, size about 47, hardness 83, step 34, density 100, thickness 100, rotation 0 , opactiy 100, erase only the bits that stick out of the bottom of theframe. Leave the ones at the top alone.

Now duplicate your tube layer and drag this layer to the top. Grab your magic wand tool, make the frame layer active and click inside, go to selections modify epand by 1. Now makeyour top tube layer active and go selections invert, grab the eraser tool and erase only the bits sticking out of the bottom of the frame. Select none. If needed, see my tag for howthis will look.

Paste the stitched heart as a new layer. Resize once by thirty five percent. Then use your pick tool to make it smaller. Place it on the left top corner of the frame and slightly rotate it using the pick tool. To rotate it, just click the pick tool and move the mouse over the little square that comes out from the center of the box. When you see the the two double arrows click and hold the mouse button and turn it the way u want.

Open the stemmed rose3 and paste as a new layer. Resize once by 35 percent, then again by 45 percent. Move this layer to the right side of the frame and place like i have mine. Once happy with the placement, duplicate it and move this duplicate below the frame and tube layer. Click on the rose layer that is at the top. Grab your eraser tool and erase bits of the stem and leaves that show on the frameto make look like the rose is coming out from under the frame. see my tag for reference. If any bits stick out of the edges of the frame, you need to erase these bits from both rose layers.

on the top rose layer go to effects, edge effects, enhance.

Open the heart key and paste it as a new layer. Resize it by 35 percent, then again by 45 percent. Place to the right of the tag and put the ring so it looks as though it is hanging off the frame. Grab your eraser tool with a size of about 16, erase very carefully just a tiny bit of the ring where the corner of the frame is. Now it should really look like it is hanging off the frame. See my tag for reference.Move this layer under the top rose layer.

Duplicate this key layer and go image mirror, and move it below the stitched heart layer.

Open tag 2 and paste as a new layer. Resize twice by 35 percent, then make a little smaller using the pick tool. Position this to the right bottom corner of the tag and slightly rotate it to the right. See my tag for reference. This layer should be above your key layer. I then chose to slightly adjust the color of it by going to adjust, hue/saturation/lightness, colorize is checked, hue is 360, saturation 100, lightness is -6.I then went effects, edge effects, enhance.

Now is the time if you wish to resize your entire tag to do so. Go to image resize, choose pixels instead of percent, lock aspect ratio and all layers checked, choose the size you want and hit ok.

Add your copyright so it is clearly legible. Add your name in a font and color of choice. I then gave my name a gradient glow with the same settings as before. Give it a drop shadow of choice.

Save and you are done.
©angel flower February 2011

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