Thursday, November 13, 2014


For this tutorial you will need:
A version of paint shop pr and at  least a little knowledge how to use it.

Scrapkit called Christmas Story by Foxys Designz which is PTU and can be
purchased here

Two tubes by same artist of your choice. I used PTU tubes by Lady Mishka which can be purchased at PFD here

Plugins-eye candy 4000 gradient glow(optional) and Dsb flux bubbles.

Font of choice

Open a new image-600x600 pixels with transparent background

Open the frames and use frame3. Copy and paste as a new layer
onto your canvas.

Go to image-Resize   Under pixel dimensions choose percent and
and put 68. Check Advanced settings and for resample choose smart size
in the drop box. Make sure aspect ratio is checked. Click ok

Open element 34. Copy and then paste as new layer onto your canvas.
Click on your pick tool, the little arrow. Drag the box of your
element by a corner to the desired size, see my tag for reference. Place on the right top corner of the frame as I have done.  

Go to effects-3d effects-drop shadow-  -1,0,100,5, black ok
Now right click on this layer and choose duplicate.
On the duplicate layer, go to image-mirror.  Now you should
have one on each side of your frame.

Open element 36.  Copy and then paste as a new layer onto your tag.
Use the pick tool to resize and place it in between the two layers
we have just done above. See my tag for guidance.

Click on your magic wand tool. Mode-add, match mode-rgb value
tolerance-20, Contiguous checked, feather-1, anti alias checked and
the drop box says outside   Now make your frame layer active and
click in the middle of the frame. Next go to selections-modify-
expand by 10. 

Open paper2. Edit copy. Back on your tag, go layers-new raster layer.
Edit-paste into selection. Your paper should now be perfectly inside
your frame.  Selections-select none.
In your layer palette right click the paper layer and drag it below your frame layer.

Open element2. Copy and paste as a new layer on your tag.
Use the pick tool to drag the box to the appropriate size as shown in my tag.
place to the left of the tag and up just a little so it appears closer to the
wall of the paper.
Give it the same drop shadow as we previously used by going effects-
3d effects-drop shadow.

Open element5 and copy and paste as new layer on the tag. Again resize
using the pick tool so its about like mine and place to the right of the tag.
See my tag for placement. Give it a drop shadow changing the horizontal to 1.

Open element 3. Copy and paste as new layer on your tag. Resize using the pick tool
Place in the center of tag toward the back of the paper wall. See my tag for size and
placement. Give it a drop shadow changing the vertical and horizontal to 0 and the blur to 10.

Open element6. Copy and paste the bear onto your tag. Resize with the pick tool and place so he
looks as though he's sitting on the table. See my tag for reference.

Open your tube. Copy and then paste as new layer on your tag. Image resize. I resized
mine by about 50 percent, then used the pick tool to resize it the rest of the way.
Place where you like on your tag or as I have mine to the right of the tag.
Give it a drop shadow of your liking. I used 0,3,100,10 and black.

Now open your second tube and repeat the sames steps as the first except place to
the left of the tag.Give it a drop shadow of your liking or simply change the horizontal
to -3 with all the other settings same as the last.

Click on your paper layer. Open element 13. Copy and paste as new layer on your tag.
Resize by 38 percent then use the pick tool to resize the rest of the way as needed. Place
in center of tag so it appears in the center of the wall paper behind the teddy bear. See tag for

Click your paper layer again. Add a new layer. Get your selection tool. If it is still
set on the magic wand change it to selection by clicking the little arrow next to the wand. Selection
type should be rectangle, mode is add, feather 1, anti alias checked.  Draw a rectangle selection around the window glass so the selection is a little on the brown part of the window just outside the glass. 
Grab the paint bucket tool.Change the foreground color to black. Hover inside the selection rectangle and fill with black.  Selections-select none

Open element 49. Copy and paste as a new layer. Resize by 38 percent. Then use the pick tool if needed to resize more. Move this layer so it looks as though it is snowing out the window.  See my tag as a guide. Duplicate this layer by right clicking it and hit duplicate. This simply makes the snow look brighter.

Click your window layer and give it a drop shadow of 0,0,100,10,black.

Click on your top layer then add a new layer. add your copyright for your tubes. Make sure it is clearly legible. I sometimes add a gradient glow of 3 to mine by
going effects, plugins, eyecandy 4000 and gradient glow.

Once finished pick a font of your choosing. I used PuppyPooky. Choose a color for the foreground and one for the background to match your tag.
I used a size of 24 on my tag. Type out the name you wish to put on your tag. Move into position where you like it.  I dragged my text layer below the tube layers. Right click and convert to raster.

I then went to effects-edge effects-enhance. Then a drop shadow of 0,-2,100,10,black.

Now you can either save your tag as is or you can continue and do what I did. 
right click on a layer and go merge visible. Then layers, duplicate.
On the bottom layer go effects, plugins, dsb flux bubbles.  My settings were 17,50,50,50. Or you can use your own.
Duplicate this layer and go image mirror. I then gave my frame layer a drop shadow of 0,0,100,10,black.
You can also do these steps before adding the name if you wish to make more than one of the same tag.
Now if you wish for your tag to not have a white background after being saved,
we must crop the tag. 
Click on the crop tool. Drag the box the whole length and width of the tag. Click the green check mark. Do this on each layer.
Now save as a png and you are done. 

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