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This Tutorial was written by me, Angel Flower, from my own ideas. Any similarities to others is coincedence. All my tutorialsare registered with TWI.

For this tutorial you will need A tube of choice. I have used the work of Myka Jelina. In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from CILM.

Filters-Xenofex 2 rip open,

Animation shop

You will also need to download my flower here or use one of your own.

New image- 600x600

Paste my flower as a new layer

Resize it by going to image-resize, resize by 110 percent.

Paste your tube as a new layer an position how you like.

Right click on the tube layer and go to layers-merge visible.

Go to effects-distortion effects-twirl at -720.

Again, paste the flower and resize as we did above. Paste your tube again as a new layer.

Give your tube a drop shadow by going to effects-3d effects-drop shadow, 1,-2, 100, 5, and black.

I did not resize my tag but if you want yours smaller resize it now by going to image resize and make sure all layers arechecked and lock aspect ratio is checked, chosse pixels and put the size you want.

Now add your name in a font of choice. I used JOKERMAN font. Go to effects, edge effects, enhance, and just say ok when it says it needs to convert to raster. Now to turn your name you can do one of two things. The easiest way is to use the pick tool(the lil arrow tool), and when you see the box around the name you also see a line with a little tiny box in the center. Hover the mouse over the little tiny box and it will turn to arrows. When you see the arrows click and hold down the left mouse button and turn it in the direction you want it. Once happy with it, move it into postion.
The way I did mine was to first click the pick tool, hover the mouse over the tiny square on the left side of the name.You will see it turns to a straight arrow going side to side. Hold down the shift key and the arrows point up and down.While holding the shift key down, click and hold the left mouse button at the same time and slide the box up to where you want it. Once happy with it, move into position.

Give your name a drop shadow same as above only changing the -2 to a -3.

Add your copyright so it is clearly visible.

Duplicate your flower layer and move it to the top.

Duplicate this one until you have a total of seven. Hide all of these flower layers. Starting with the layer on top, leave thisone as it is and keep it closed. Unhide the next flower layer and on this layer go to effects, plugins, xenofex 2, rip open- curl size 10, curl amount 1, curl variation 80, roughness 5, shadow width 2.83, click the make selection transparent, color white. Hide this one again and open the next one.

Repeat the rip open filter changing only the curl amount to 15. Repeat the filter hiding and unhiding the layers as you go with the following settings for the curl amount:
On the next one change it to 25.
The next one is going to be 30.
Then 40, and the last one is 50.

Now make sure all the flower layers are closed and unhide only the flower on top which should be the normal flower that we left alone.

Click this layer to make it active and add your name again in the same font with the same edge enhance effect. Place your name over the center of the flower and make it small enough to fit the center. Give it a drop shadow.

Duplicate this layer and move it below the top flower layer. Now hide the top flower layer and Unhide the second flower layer.With your eraser tool on a size of 24 or smaller, erase any part of the name that is not on a petal. Once done, close both this name layer and flower layer.

Open the top flower layer and name layer. Now we are going to animate.

Go to edit, copy merged, Go to animation shop, Paste as new animation.

Back in psp, close off the top name layer and the top flower layer. Open the erased name layer and the second flower layer. Edit, copy merged, back to animation shop, edit paste after current frame.

Back in psp, close off the second flower layer and the erased name layer and open the third flower layer. Copy merged, back to animation shop, paste after current frame.

Back to psp, close the third flower layer and open the fourth, copy merged, back in animation shop, paste after current frame.

Repeat these steps for the fifth, sixth and seventh flower layers. Once you have that done, In psp, close off the last flower layer so now all your flower layers that are above the tube layer should be closed. Click one of the visible layers to make it active and go edit copy merged, and go back to animation shop and paste after current frame.

Now still in animation shop go to edit select all, then go to animation frame properties and change it to thirty, then go back to animation and this time choose animation properties and choose opaque and color is white. View your animation and save.

thats it, you are done.

©Angel Flowers Tutorials 2010

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