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This Tutorial was written by me, Angel Flower, from my own
ideas. Any similarities to others is coincedence. All my tutorials
are registered with TWI.

For this tutorial you will need
A tube of choice.I am using the work of Keith Garvey. In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from

Scrap kit- I am using an awesome kit called Kupid Kitty by Wench Designs, you must purchase this kit from The Creativity Box

Filters-eyecandy 4000-this is optional

New Image-600x600-transparent.

Choose a frame, I used Frame7, copy and paste as a new layer. Resize by going image-resize-choose percent instead of pixels and change the number to 80. If this is still too big for you, you can resize again or you can click the pick tool in your psp, usually the little arrow, and drag the box you see by the corner to the
size you want.

Grab your magic wand tool, mode is add, match mode is RGB, tolerance 20, anti alias checked. Click inside the empty space/spaces of your frame. Go to selections, modify, expand by 2. Paste a paper of choice as a new layer, I used paper 21. Keep selected and go selections invert, then hit delete on your keyboard. This should remove any paper outside of the frame. Selections, select none.
Move your paper layer below your frame layer.

Click your frame layer to make it active. Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow. Use one of your choosing or I used 0,0,100,5 and black for color.

Paste a rose, I used rose 8, as a new layer. Resize it either by the image resize method or by using the pick tool and dragging the box to about the size of mine, or how u like it. Once you have it sized, grab your pick tool. Rotate the rose, you can do this with the pick tool by hovering over the small little rectangle that comes out of the center of the box, you will see two arrows if you hover over it. Click and hold it and move your mouse either up or down depending on which way you want it to go. Rotate it about like mine, or how you like, and then move it over to
the frame as I have mine.

Once you have it positioned, duplicate it and move the duplicate under your frame and paper layers. Go back to the top copy of the rose and grab your eraser tool. I used round shape with a size of 55, hardness 100, step 1, density 100, thickness 100, rotation 0, opacity 100. Erase the parts of the rose stem that are on top of the frame. I left mine so it looks as though its popping out from the side. You want to make it look like it is come out from under some part of the frame. Once you are happy with that, repeat the process but on the opposite side of the frame as i did mine.

Open one of the cats, I used cat10, and paste it as a new layer. Resize to your liking and position to the to the right side of the frame. See my tag for placement.

I then pasted one of the mice, mouse 6, as a new layer. Resize and Position this to the left and kind toward the top of the frame. Again see my tag for placement.

Paste your tube as a new layer. If needed resize it, move it below the frame but above the paper. Grab your magic wand, same settings as before, click on your frame layer and click inside the frame as before,selections, modify, expand by about 5, go back to your tube layer and go selections invert, hit delete. This should get rid of any part of the tube that was sticking out of the frame.
select none.

If you have another frame like I do, repeat the above steps for pasting the tube, the only two things I did differently was I went image, mirror, so the tube was facing the opposite way, then after it was all postioned and such, I changed the blend by double clicking it in the layer palette and changing the blend to hard light.

If you chose a double frame like I did, Choose another flower and paste it as a new layer above your frame layer. Resize and postion toward the top of the smaller of the two frames to the left side. If needed, rotate it some to make it fit how you want. I placed these all around my frame by pasting and resizing and rotating to make them look nice.

For finishing touches, I gave the cat a drop shadow of -1,0,75,black. I gave the mouse a drop shadow of 1,0,75,black. I pasted a bow on the top right side of my bigger frame. I gave that a
drop shadow of 0,0,75,black.

Now, if you are happy with your tag and the sizing of it, add your copyright so it is clearly legible. If you wish to resize your entire tag, do so before adding the copright. Go to image, resize, this time choose pixels and put the size you wish, make sure all layers is checked, and hit ok. Now add the copyright. Add your name in a font and colors of choice.Position how you like. I used eyecandy 4000 and added a gradient glow to mine but this is up to you. Give it a drop shadow of choice, I used 0,1,70,5,black.

Save your tag and you are done!

©angel flower January 2011

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