Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Escape

This Tutorial was written by me, Angel Flower, from my own
ideas. Any similarities to others is coincedence. All my tutorials
are registered with TWI.

For this tutorial you will need
A tube of choice.I am using the work of Unholy Vault Designs. In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from

Scrap kit- I am using an awesome kit called Broken Valentine by Broken Dreamz Scrapz, you must purchase this kit from
The Creativity Box. You can visit her site here

Filters-eyecandy 4000 optional

A Note: Anytime you need to resize something,such as an element or paper, you may do it one of two ways. The first method is by going to image-resize. Under pixel dimensions, make sure the drop box says percent, Lock aspect ratio should be checked and all layers unchecked, then change the width and height under the pixel dimensions the percent you think will work. I usually start with about 80 percent. If it is still too big, you can repeat the steps, adjusting the percent if needed. If it is too small you can undo by going to edit undo, and adjust the percent as needed.
The second way to resize something is to grab your pick tool, the little arrow, click on the layer you wish to resize and as long as you have clicked the pick tool, you should see a type of box around the layer or element or whatever you are resizing.
Grab the box by a corning and drag it to the size you want. Keep in mind that most artisits do not allow you to make the tubes bigger, and be sure to check the tou for scraps as well.

New Image-600x600 transparent

Open element 41 and paste as a new layer. Resize by about 85 percent.

Choose a paper and paste it as a new layer. Drag this under the wordart layer so you can see what you are doing. Resize by about 75 percent.

Click on the wordart layer. Grab your selection tool, if it is set to the magic wand then click the little arrow next to it and choose selection. Type is ellipse, mode is add, feather 0, anti alias checked. Click in what you think is the center of the word art and draw an ellipse to the edges of the wordart. If you look at my tag, you will see how the paper looks which will give you an idea of how the selection should look. It took me a few tries to get it just right. If you make a mistake just go to selections, select none and try again. Once you are happy with the selection, go to selections invert, and make the paper layer active and hit delete.
Select none.

Open element 20, the red rectangular frame, and paste as a new layer. I did not resize mine. Give it a drop shadow of choice by going effects, 3d effects,
drop shadow. I used 0,-2,100,10,black.

Paste element 1 as a new layer and resize as needed. Position at the top left of the frame and rotate it slightly using the pick tool. Give this a drop shadow of choice.
I used -1,2,100,5,black.

Grab element 58 and paste as a new layer. Resize if needed, position at the bottom right corner of the frame and rotate the opposite direction as the one we just did. Give this a drop shadow, I used 1,-2,100,5,black.

Open one of the roses, I chose number 42. Paste as a new layer. Resize it and go to image free rotate, 90 degrees left. Position across the bottom of the frame. Move this layer under the heart layer. Give this a drop shadow, I used 0,0,100,5,black.

Paste your tube as a new layer. Resize if needed but dont worry if some of it hangs out of the frame. Move it below the frame layer and postion it so the part you want shows through the frame. Click on your frame layer and grab your magic wand. Mode is add, match mode RGB, tolerance 20, feather 0. Click in the center of your frame layer. Go to selections, modify, expand by about 4. Keep selected and make your tube layer active by clicking it. Go to selections, invert, and hit delete on your keyboard. Select none.
Give your tube a drop shadow. I used 0,0,100,10,black.

Open element 30. Paste as a new layer and move this layer under the frame layer. Position this to the left of the tag so the ends hang over the paper a little. We will fix that part in minute. Duplicate the layer by going image duplicate, and go image mirror. This should now be directly on the opposite side of the tag. If needed place it into position. Once happy with it, go layers merge down. They should both be on one layer now.

Duplicate the merged layer and go image flip. If needed move this layer into position so it looks like mine, or move it to how you like it.
Merge this layer with the other one again by going layers merge down.

Grab your eraser tool, shape is round, size about 50, hardness 80, step 1, density 100, thickness 100, rotation 0,opacity 100. Carefully erase the bits of wire hanging over the edge of the paper on both sides.

Now is the time if you wish to resize your tag to do so. Go to image resize, make sure all layers and lock aspect ratio is checked. Change the percent to pixels and choose your size.

Add your copyright so it is clearly visible.

Add your name in a font of choice. I chose to give the name a glow using eye candy 4000 gradient glow, with a size of 3 and using two colors. If you dont have this just give it a drop shadow. If you used darker colors like i did you may want to give it a light gray or white shadow instead of black.

thats it, save and you are done.

©angelflower January 2011

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